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The most important days of your life deserve to be as unique as you!

If you are looking for a special way of saying "I do," a destination wedding in an exotic locale surrounded by your closest friends and family members is truly magical. Believe us!  Or after your home town traditional wedding, an expertly planned, one-of-a-kind destination honeymoon is a great way to start your lifetime together with your own new shared memories.

If you are married with kids, enjoy a great family destination getaway doing all the things your family likes to do. 

If you are grandparents consider a destination bonding trip with your grandchildren.  

Intergenerational family destination reunions on cruises, at beach resorts or mountain retreats, or your own customized tour with something special for everyone to enjoy are a great way to turn family into friends forever.

Speaking of friends, we have been delivering Destination Happiness for neighborhood groups, for high school and college class, fraternity and sorority reunions.
The reasons for Destination Happiness travel are limitless!  The list is endless.  

The professionals at Nice & Easy Travel have been assisting people experience the heights of happiness through travel for more than 30 years. We help you find the perfect venue for your Destination Happiness – at the very best price.

Destination Happiness travel can be as lavish or simple as you desire. Whether you want to celebrate togetherness quietly and intimately or boisterously and publicly, Nice & Easy Travel can define and refine the options to fit any occasion, mood, and size group at any budget.

Call us today and let us start planning your own special Destination Happiness!